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20-24.09.2015 RZESZOW

The Congresses of Polish Medievalists, organized by the Committee of Polish Medievalists, are the most important gatherings of Polish scholars of the Middle Ages. They are attended by historians, archaeologists, philologists, scholars of religion, natural scientists and other specialists. Offering an interdisciplinary atmosphere, the Congresses become unique venues for the exchange of ideas and latest research results among various academics whose work focuses on the Middle Ages.

To date four congresses have been organized in important localities across Poland including Toruń (2002), Lublin (2005), Łódź (2008) and Poznań (2011). The numerous publications based on their proceedings have become valuable contributions to Polish and international humanities.

The academic milieu of Department of Sociology and History of Rzeszów University and Fundacja Rzeszowskiego Ośrodka Archeologicznego wishes to continue the good traditions and high standards of previous Congresses. The historical and geographical setting of the city of Rzeszów as well as the academic achievements of Rzeszów University make it a perfect place for opening a multifaceted discussion on intercultural contacts on the frontier of Central and Eastern Europe.

The 5th Congress of Polish Medievalists will bring together cutting-edge interdisciplinary research on intercultural relations in the Middle Ages and a broad spectrum of exciting topics will be discussed during twenty thematic sessions. We are confident that our event will lead to revealing new research trajectories and stimulate discussion on themes which previously remained on the fringes of mainstream debates on the Middle Ages. The Congress will also allow for creating a discursive space for the exchange of latest ideas, theories and methods in the field of the humanities and social sciences. We hope that the Congress will also offer refreshing insights into ongoing studies on the complex relationships between the ruling elites and other social classes and between the spheres of the sacred and the profane.

The Organizing Committee